What is Beehive?

It is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that developed with high-tech software and hardware for textile and clothing industry. It is uses for;

  • Real-time tracking for efficiency of production lines,
  • Real-time tracking for efficiency of operators,
  • Machine break-time tracking,
  • Tracking progress of production orders and shipping plans,
  • Managing and improve production technology of products/models,
  • Calculating workers bonuses/salaries according to their labors,
  • Attendance control,

to improve production efficiency. It can collect data from shop floor in real-time with specially designed equipments and barcode system.

Beehive is a result of 3-years R&D in the leading manufacturing facilities of textile and clothing industry. All business processes tested directly in the field with an expert team at every stage.

A flexible structure is used in design principles. Thus it offers fully compatible integration with differing customer needs.

Why to use?

  • Increases production capacity with the same workers and machinery.
  • Line balance; Provides the most efficient way to use of capacity of production lines.
  • Prevents disruptions that may occur during the production phase with timely intervention.
  • With the built-in bonus system, salaries can be calculated easily and equitable.
  • In order to keep pace with development in the most important requirements of today's global competitive environment is improvement, quality and efficiency, Beehive provides you to make quickly and right decisions about your company.
  • Provides saving and planning investment in technical expenses with the analysis of machine downtime.
  • Allows you to get statistical reports about the production history in full details as desired.
  • No matter where in the world with a remote connection to the system provides the ability to track the status of your business.

Features of software

All softwares in the system are 100% developed in our company. Constantly being developed and regularly upgraded version. Some major features;

Latest technology, modern software infrastructure;

The software technology of industry standarts like HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), MVC (Model View Controller), RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) are used while developed.

Works in web interface and responsible design;

It works with all kind of devices like Smart phones, tablets and every computer (Windows, Mac, Linux etc..).

User-friendly easy to use screens;

All screens are developed according to the design principles. The most important information is displayed in the most obvious way. Design elements such as fonts, colors, font sizes are designed according to the fastest way to reach that suits the user's search.

User-based authentication;

According to the responsibility of each user is authorized. For example; planner person can only manage production orders and staff manager can only manage staff things. Thus, it prevents malicious actions.

Detailed and colorful graphics;

Graphics are the best and fastest way to give idea about lots of information. Graphics are used wherever necessary in the system.

Multi-language support;

At the moment English, Turkish and Bulgarian language support is available. Languages are based user settings. Each user can select their language and regional characteristics.

Limitless transaction volume;

Transaction volume depends only on the capacity of the database. Database design to occupy less space and are designed to work fast.


Each company has a server of its own and all information collected on this server. It can be protected in all known hacker attacks.

Features of hardware

Beehive uses barcode terminals in the shop floor that own developed and producing. Barcode readers can be connected to these terminals and they send the informations to the server. Major features of the barcode terminals;

  • 2×16 screen display information desired by the operator in the field,
  • Green and red LEDs indicate the process with success,
  • Make voice alerts to operators with built-in buzzer,
  • Easy installation and maintenance with CAT5 cable connection,
  • Solid structure suitable for long term working.

Barcode system

Barcode system is using to retrieve real-time data from the shop floor. Barcodes can be printed separately for each worker, each operation and each segment bundles. Barcode printing and reading are extremely easy and quick. As we know, In the transactions, there are as many mistakes as the volume of human factors. With the barcode system, which can be formed in manual data entry errors are corrected.