Astrosof Beehive


The best way to improve production capacity and productivity.

What is Astrosof Beehive?

It is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that developed with high-tech software and hardware for textile and clothing industry. It is uses for production lines management, worker performance analysis, management of production orders and shipping plans, management of product technology, attendance control to improve production efficiency. It can collect data from shop floor in real-time with specially designed equipments and barcode system.

Scientific Manufacturing

All issues like setting up production lines, calculating operation's standard times, calculating performances etc... performs in accordance with industrial literature.

Productivity and Quality

Productivity increases by pre-planned manufacturing and real-time control. Prevents disruptions that may occur during the production phase with timely intervention.

Equitable Salaries

Calculates labor times and performances in most accuracy. With built-in bonus system, good working workers make good earnings.

Production orders and shipping plans management

With Beehive, it's super easy to tracking progress of production orders. Also, you can see the progress of shipping plans.

Products/Model Management

Every product has detailed data and files attached. Standard times of every operations will be recorded and they can be improved with time studies.

Measuring the Productivity in Real-Time

Tracking the efficiency of production is the most important thing especially labor-intensive sectors. No matter how many worker in your company, with Beehive, you can measure and track the productivity in real-time.

Analysis of Worker Productivity

You can analyze the historical operating efficiency of workers in various charts. Also, according to the rules you set, you can automatically calculate payments based on the efficiencies and productions.

Analysis of Assembly Line Productivity

You can analyze the historical production data and efficiency of assembly/production line in various charts. In light of these analysis, you can make more appropriate decisions regarding the future production of the line.

Attendance Control System

As well as production information of the personnel, Beehive provides attendance management. It is compatible with many PACS systems on the market and can work integrated.

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